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Our certified aestheticians offer a myriad of services including:

Clinical Facials
Clear away dirt, oil, and other impurities, leaving skin revitalized with a healthy glow.

Rid your skin of painful and unsightly pimples, whiteheads (milias), and blackheads (comedones). For deep pore cleansing, nothing is more effective than extraction.

Mild to Strong Glycolic Peels
Using mild glycolic acids and other natural ingredients, see fine lines and wrinkles fade, while uncovering a smoother, softer surface. Stronger chemical peels are used to reduce the appearance of acne and scars.

Mild electrical current is introduced into the hair follicle using a disposable probe which does not puncture the skin. This destroys the growth center of the follicle called the papilla.

Laser Hair Removal
Our Candela system features a revolutionary long-pulse high energy alexandrite laser system, which is coupled with a cryogen gas treatment for cooling comfort during effective hair removal.

Hair Removal / Waxing

This non-permanent technique is quick and easy. Our all natural Epillyss azulen wax, warmed to a comfortable temperature smoothes and moisturizes skin, while providing a gentle and pleasant waxing experience.

Permanent Make-up
Utilizing the latest techniques, we provide clients with a way to accentuate their features, in a lasting solution and a look similar to topical cosmetics.

Call 954-927-1200 or Email Carolyn@pikassoskincare.com for more information.

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